the Shunning

“The people of Volaria are utterly without anything resembling liberty. Most of them go their entire lives without making a single choice of their own. The punishment for disobedience is freedom, and they live in terror of it. I live in terror of them.”

-Belsath Makramuk, A Skeptic’s Guide to Prophecy

The Shunning is the punishment for any crime under the Volarian legal system, and is often applied prior to any crime being committed, as directed by Heptus. Individuals who have brought the Shunning upon themselves are very simply given a ritual tattoo and then released. Thereafter, however, anyone bearing the brand of the Shunned will recieve no aid or shelter within Volaria, nor from any Volarian anywhere. Native-born Volarians who are Shunned often refuse to leave Volaria, and die soon thereafter of starvation or exposure; others prefer to try their luck in the outside world.

Visitors in Volaria are advised to avoid committing any act that might lead to being Shunned, as this inevitably leads to denial of services by any devout follower of Heptus.

the Shunning

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