Nash Brannigan

“I’m about to do something brilliant.”

-Nash Brannigan

An Imari warrior born near the end of the Age of Myth, shortly before the outbreak of the War of the Gods. Brannigan was apparently turned to stone as punishment for some crime or insult, spent 12,000 years in stasis, and was eventually revived by a Hobgoblin shaman in western Koradzil in the first century of the Age of Prophecy. Initially believing himself to have been transported to an alternate Mortal Plane, Nash eventually discovered the truth and defected to the Soren Empire, where his coming had long been foretold by prophecy.

As the last scion of Imar, Brannigan was given status equal to the Empress and placed in charge of the Imperial military, which had been waiting for this last piece to fall into place before resuming its war against the Western Nations. He took part in the Battle of Orgat Bekh at the beginning of the Second Soren War, where he was gravely wounded in battle; he is currently missing and presumed dead.

Those who knew him well describe him as a rascal, narcissist, and serial philanderer. The modern-day Imari race is made up entirely of his illegitimate offspring.

Nash Brannigan

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