The island nation of Pyrrhos is situated in the Pyrhhic Ocean, to the northwest of the Western Nations. Though Pyrrhos is the smallest of the modern nations – both in terms of geographic size and population – the forward-thinking economic policies of its leaders have given the nation a disproportionate degree of influence over world politics. The nation is ruled by a council made up of its majority shareholders.

When it was first discovered about 300 years ago, Pyrrhos’ outlying reaches were quickly colonized by expeditions from each of the Western Nations. When these half-hearted attempts at exploration succumbed to the rigors of survival in an unknown wilderness, it was an unexpected party that recognized the island’s potential and began full-scale colonization. An impromptu coalition of wealthy enterpreneurs from across The West – and even into Koradzil – began investing tremendous resources into transforming Pyrrhos into a stable (and politically unaffiliated) nation.

As the fledgling nation grew in prosperity, disastrously botched attempts at invasion by both Laumus and Raspa led to Pyrrhos’ recognition by all parties concerned as a sovereign nation. Meanwhile, the capital city of Prospect had quickly risen to the status of an industrial giant, and today is the Mortal Plane’s foremost supplier of weapons, armor, and magical goods.

Adventurers hailing from Prospect tend to be freewheeling individualists, and to exemplify the nation’s mercenary attitude. Natives of Prospect benefit from the city’s excellent educational system, and are likely to have some degree of familiarity with Arcane Magic. All races and classes are well-represented, and multiclassing is common.

-Bonus Language: Any

-Bonus Skill: Streetwise

-Bonus Feat: Multiclass (Any)

-Favored Classes: Rogue, Wizard


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