“The Gods claim that the Divine Armistice exists to protect us, but I sometimes wonder if there aren’t things going on in the universe that they would rather we didn’t know about.”

-Belsath Makramuk, A Skeptic’s Guide to Prophecy

The Planes:

The spheres or dimensions that make up the universe as a whole. According to Arcane theory, all occupy the same three-dimensional space; the separate Planes are simply different realities. Most relevant to our story is the Mortal Plane – the Earth. The Outer Planes – those that lie beyond the Mortal Plane – are divided into the Upper, Lower, and Middle Planes. These are not to be confused with the Outer Heavens, the mysterious expanse that lies at the fringes of reality.

The Mortal Plane and its denizens are cut off from the Outer Planes; the Divine Armistice, which prevents Outsiders from entering the Mortal Plane, also discourages Mortals from leaving. For a Mortal to gain access to the Outer Planes requires magic of incredible power – its use forbidden by ancient laws, both Mortal and Divine.

For those Mortals who do succeed in breaking the bonds of the Divine Armistice, the Outer Planes are places of tremendous opportunity, but also of terrible danger.


Tales of the Traveler Kamdoran