Volaria: A theocracy under the rule of the God Heptus. Predominantly Neutral Good.

Laumus: A confederacy of twelve warring clans. Predominantly Chaotic Good.

Raspa: A feudal kingdom; the self-proclaimed champions of justice. Predominantly Lawful Good.

Koradzil: A vast expanse populated by countless independent tribes. Predominantly Neutral Evil.

Pyrrhos: A small, independent island nation, based in the city-state of Prospect. Came into being near the end of the Age of Rebirth. Predominantly True Neutral.

The Soren Empire: A tyrannical, expansionist empire. Their invasion marked the end of the Age of Rebirth. Predominantly Lawful Evil.


-Bonus Language, Skill and Feat: At first level, every character receives an extra language, feat, and trained skill based on his or her nationality.

-Favored Class: Every nation has two favored classes. Choose one or the other; if your character is a member of that class, you receive training in one extra skill at first level. If your character belongs to another class, you may train skills from your favored class’ skill list in addition to those options normally available to your class.


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