Imari appear Human on the whole, but are slightly taller and more uniform in appearance. Average height ranges from 5’10’’ to 6’4’’, with males being slightly taller on average. All Imari possess golden skin, hair in shades of blonde, and iridescent blue-green eyes. All possess an innate talent for Sorcery, and may manifest minor Evocations through sheer force of will. As they are a new race, their lifespan is unknown; the current population consists entirely of young adults from the ages of 19 to 21, and of their young.

While the Imari are an ancient race, they have only recently resurfaced. The majority of the current population are the results of an Imperial breeding program designed to reproduce Nash Brannigan, the first modern-day Imari. Despite the relatively small initial population, Imari are rapidly gaining in number. This may be attributed to their high rate of birth, in addition to their (apparently genetic) predilection towards serial philandering. They are apparently able to produce fertile offspring with nearly any Humanoid race; such couplings always produce Imari, usually in litters.

In addition to their similar appearances, Imari tend more towards a behavioral norm than any of the other major races. They tend to be cunning, charismatic, and self-assured – and also to be unprincipled and self-serving. Many have remained citizens of the Empire – where they are treated with a degree of reverence usually reserved for Gods – but just as many have defected, seeking their own fortunes elsewhere.

Imari adventurers are usually freewheeling thrill-seekers, driven primarily by self-interest. The overwhelming majority are Chaotic Neutral, but no small number are some shade of Evil.


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