“It is the nature of Mortals to cling to the idea – all evidence to the contrary notwithstanding – that the powers responsible for crafting the universe knew what they were doing.”

-Belsath Makramuk, A Skeptic’s Guide to Prophecy

While versions of the tale vary widely, most cultures agree that there was a time when the Gods walked upon the very soil of the Mortal Plane, leading their followers in war and worship – the Age of Myth. Then came the War of the Gods—a calamitous event that resulted in the near-destruction of the Mortal Plane and the annihilation of its once-great civilizations. In the aftermath, the Gods swore to the Divine Armistice, according to whose terms no Outsider would be allowed to set foot upon the Mortal Plane ever again.

As the Mortal Plane began to heal, the Mortal races did their best to survive – and, later, to rebuild. Throughout the Age of Rebirth, much that had been lost in the near-destruction of the world was rediscovered. Magic once again flourished, and great nations grew upon the ruins of paradise. Like its predecessor, however, the Age of Rebirth was to end in calamity. A long-forgotten evil rose from the depths of the earth, bringing about the disastrous Soren War. The destruction of the Western Nations was narrowly avoided, but only by way of a grave and terrible act: the murder of an Evil God.

It is now the first century of the Age of Prophecy, and the Mortal Plane is in turmoil. The Western Nations are divided by ancient feuds and civil war, even as the possibility of a second Soren War looms on the horizon. The death of a God at the hands of Mortals has sent shockwaves throughout the cosmos, leading some to question the ultimate fate of men and Gods alike. Meanwhile, Elven astrologers warn of dire portents – echoes of a terrible evil from the distant past.

In northwestern Koradzil, Hobgoblin hunters make a strange discovery.


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