The Gods love making prophecies, but They word them vaguely for a reason. It’s in Their nature to see the big picture, and also to miss the little details—the butterfly who flaps his wings and causes the monsoon. It isn’t always the mighty kings or the famous heroes who shape the course of history; sometimes destiny is all about being in the right place at the right time.

The Tales of the Traveler setting places characters within a world where their decisions have the power to alter destiny. Individual campaigns may be set in any number of historical periods within the setting’s chronology, and put the player characters in a position to decide the outcomes of the great conflicts of their day. As such, players may find that the choices they’ve made have impacted the course of history in later campaigns.

Three campaigns have so far been set within the Tales of the Traveler universe. The wiki is currently being subjected to sporadic attempts at renovation as the setting undergoes a half-hearted conversion to 4e.

Tales of the Traveler